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Wood pellet stoves

Woodco pro offers a comprehensive range of ventilated, ductable, and hydro pellet stoves. Find out which one is right for you.

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Our range of ventilated stoves are designed to provide heat direct to their room. Non invasive design, these popular stoves are ideal when replacing a fireplace or adding heat to a kitchen or living room. If you have an open plan space, these wood pellet stoves offer a beautiful and reliable source of heat.



Our ductable wood pellet stoves allow heat produced to flow through walls into adjacent rooms. A cost effective and convenient way to heat up several rooms. Distribute heat quickly and evenly.

Available power ranges 10-14kW


Hydro Boiler

Heat your rooms and your water with woodco pro's hydro pellet boilers. These stoves offer an excellent solution for domestic heating systems. Since they quickly heat water in the radiators, they are convenient and cost effective with charming design. Some models can even supply domestic hot water with our H2O kit.

Available power ranges 5-11kW

Available power ranges 16-28kW

We are always available to offer advice on your best solution. Don't hesitate to contact us for any questions or advice!

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