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Fitzgerlands Woodlands in Adare is paving the way for sustainable heating in Hospitality.

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

For things to change, someone has to set the pace.

That’s what’s happening at Fitzgeralds Woodlands House Hotel and Spa in Adare.

Conor and his team have done an incredible job over lockdown putting their own personal touch on outdoor dining with their new “Treehouse”.

At the Treehouse you can find:

  • The Treehouse Food Cabin, where you can get some beautiful food for take away or dine in.

  • Farmhand Coffee, where a blend of Colombian and Brazilian coffee beans that are roasted exclusively at the woodlands can be found to keep you warm.

  • The Treehouse Bar.

  • SCOOPS Ice-Cream Parlour.

  • The Tree Huts. Where you can find our wood pellet stoves.

Surrounding the Treehouse on the 40-acre grounds there is a 1.2km walkway through Mary’s Organic Garden where you can also find the magical Fairy Trail and Mini Pet Farm.

On top of these amenities that they have added to their already beautiful hotel, they have gone for a more carbon neutral way of keeping their guests to the Treehouse warm.

That’s where Woodco comes in.

For their Treehouse Bar, where they have a canopy for their outdoor dining, they have put in 6 of our Outdoor Hotspot Wood Pellet Heaters, and for their Tree Huts for a more private dining for groups they have put in our 5kW Spirit Wood Pellet Stoves into the 6 Huts that they have put in.

As well as having one of our 9kW Frame Wood Pellet Stoves at the main entrance of the Hotel to give a nice warm welcome to their new and returning guests.

In doing this the Woodlands can lower their carbon emissions as they look to being Carbon Neutral.

Sustainable heating is the future for the hospitality sector and Fitzgeralds Woodlands are leading the way for others to follow. We highly recomend paying a visit to the Woodlands and their amzing Treehouse.

You can find them on social media and their website:




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