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Wood Pellet Stoves, Patio Heaters, BBQ's & Ovens Online Ireland

Enjoy the beauty and reliability of a wood pellet stove from woodco pro. Our selection of stoves are for the homes that require quality and beautiful design. Let us take care of technical advice and design, and provide you with the perfect recommendation for your home or business.

Discover why wood pellet stoves are becoming the go-to source for heat. With almost 50 years in business, our expertise in biomass products shines through everything we do. We believe in sustainability, without the compromise of quality or performance. Speak with us and allow us to choose a stove for your new build, to replace an existing stove, or add a highly energy efficient wood pellet stove to your home.

Fitzgeralds Woodlands House Hotel and Spa, Adare, Co. Limerick

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Find the perfect wood pellet stove with trusted installation advice. Our stoves can be used to heat singular rooms, can duct heat to others, and even act as a boiler for your home.


We can also provide a flue system design which fits with the beauty of your home. Wood pellet stoves are our passion. To find out why, choose a stove and talk to us today.

Our customer support is always on hand to offer advice before, during, and after installation. You can expect friendly, knowledgeable advice that we are happy to give. Located in Tipperary, working all over Ireland. Give us a call on 062 74007, and check out our Instagram here.

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It's the heating revolution.
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With the efficiency of our wood pellet stoves, you can heat multiple rooms in your home quietly and sustainably. Choose the room you want to have the flame in, and allow us to design a ducting system or a boiler system that provides warm air directly into adjacent rooms, and hot water for your radiators and domestic use. Choose from a sleek black finish or bold stainless steel ducting system to channel your eco-friendly heat.

Since Ireland is a producer of premium quality wood pellets, that means we are not only sustainable, but we are supporting the Irish circular economy.



The future is already here.

Enjoy the warmth and beauty of a natural flame without lifting a single log.


Our wood pellet stoves each come with WiFi enabled controls. You can control, monitor, and even schedule your stove from the comfort of your phone or smart device.

Call us today to organise your new wood pellet stove.

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